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DBX Commodity

DBX Commodity, belonging to the DBX group, is a company specialized in the export of agricultural commodities, such as sugar, wheat, corn and soybeans, establishing links and partnerships between Brazil and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Committed to offering the highest quality products, DBX Commodity guarantees the origin and certification of its products.

The company operates within a solid ecosystem of connections to facilitate purchase and sale transactions, carefully analyzed and assured at both ends of the negotiation. This commitment results in convenience and trust for all parties involved, ensuring that negotiations comply with the laws of the buying and selling countries.

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Brazilian sugar is recognized worldwide for its quality and importance in the global commodities market. With favorable climate conditions and advanced technology, Brazil is one of the largest producers and exporters of this product. Its purity, flavor and sustainable production practices guarantee its international competitiveness, contributing to the country's economic and social development.

Brazilian wheat is gaining global prominence due to its quality and production potential. With investments in technology and advanced agricultural techniques, the country has increased its production, especially in regions suitable for cultivation, such as the south. Recognized for its high protein and gluten profile, Brazilian wheat meets the demands of the international market. Investments in logistics and infrastructure facilitate exports. As a result, Brazil is becoming an important player in the global wheat market.

Brazilian corn is a pillar of national agriculture, standing out as one of the main grains produced in the country. With favorable climate conditions and technological advances, Brazil is among the world's largest producers and exporters of corn. Its economic importance and role in food security are fundamental, being used in human and animal nutrition. In short, Brazilian corn is essential for Brazil's economic development and position in the global agricultural commodities market.

Brazilian soybeans are a prominent agricultural commodity, being one of the largest productions and exports in the world. Brazil stands out for the quality and productivity of its soybeans, boosting its global competitiveness. Recognized for its sustainable efficiency, Brazilian soy contributes to global food security and strengthens the country's position in the international market.

Value of commodities of the day

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Business Ecosystem

DBX Commodities stands out for its robust business ecosystem, built on a solid foundation of strategic connections and global partnerships. Our company operates in a dynamic and interconnected environment, facilitating efficient and secure business transactions around the world.


Security is paramount in DBX Commodities services. We work with reliable partners and follow all regulations and standards in the countries involved. Additionally, we employ advanced technology to protect customer data. Our specialized team constantly monitors operations to mitigate risks, ensuring a safe and secure business environment.

International Expertise

DBX Commodities' global experience is driven by its team's expertise in international relations. With in-depth knowledge of global markets and cultural nuances, we establish and maintain strategic relationships in several countries. We adapt to the specific needs of each market, respecting local and international regulations. Our expertise guarantees ethical and effective performance, consolidating our position in international commodity trade.

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